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17 Oct 2017

Malusi Mapoma, Sales Manager at PCC, Western Cape, South Africa

Malusi joined Pacific Cigarette Company in October 2006 as a Sales Representative, it wasn’t an easy journey but excelled. As a Representative he was involved tussling shoulders with competitor brands in the market. He is influential in building the PCC brand in South Africa some which had been in the market for decades. He was involved in a lot of activities to create brand awareness among the consumers.

In 2008 he was promoted to a role of Wholesale Executive and his core role was to establish a relationship between wholesalers and PCC.

Through hard work and determination in 2009, he was entrusted with the position of Sales Manager a position he holds to date.

He holds the following qualifications Bachelor of Arts from Western Cape University (SA), Certificate in Marketing Management and Certificate in Effective Marketing from Cape Peninsula University of Technology.


28 Sep 2017

Meet ​​Marielle Wade

Hi my name is Marielle Wade. I am a passionate, hardworking and goal oriented individual. It has been an exciting yet challenging journey as Communications & PR Executive for Pacific Tobacco Company. However, I am propelled to put my best foot forward and ensure that information is communicated to all stakeholders in a timely and effective manner. I look forward to adding value as we strive to grow our brands on an international level.

26 Sep 2017

Meet Fortune Masango

Shy and reserved, these are the words that once upon a time described me, until I joined Team Pacific. Being in a predominantly male work environment was no walk in the park for me when I started. Every time I was convinced I couldn’t go on, I did, and I did what the ordinary feared. This World Class Organization has brought out the fierce mind, bold personality and of course, the budding leader that I am today. I AM LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES! – Meet Fortune Masango – Quality Technician


20 Sep 2017

Meet Chilekwa Ngona

Being a management trainee at Pacific Cigarette Company has made me realize that Human Resources is a dynamic field of work, which is noting continuous change. As pacific cigarette grows so does every function and myself as a leader.

I have been privileged to witness such transformations first hand and how it applies in our day to day world. Therefore giving me the opportunity to acquire the skills, judgement and know-how of being an effective and responsible manager.


18 Sep 2017

Why I love working with Pacific Cigarette Company.

Hi, my name is Annie Tonga. I am very excited about the management trainee program because I am learning all the time from the best people of course. A company that embraces diversity with people that are highly talented and skilled with vast experience. I like that I am able to also use my skills and knowledge as well as push myself in areas where I was unsure of myself. Every day is a new experience for me, with its own challenges of course but it creates a platform for new levels of creativity. So am constantly growing professionally. I value that I am a part of a team whose drive is to grow into a company of worldwide repute. It is very eminent in the working culture. I believe there are limitless possibilities for me here.


14 Sep 2017

Meet Kudakwashe Chiutsi

My experience at Pacific Cigarrete has been phenomenal, the Management Traineeship has proved to be a real job from day one. I’ve met high potential Trainees who are competitive and are willing to develop themselves professionally through cross functional projects.

It’s amazing to work with global brands and at the same time getting a feel of different environments and their needs, such opportunities have shown endless opportunities that will allow my career and Pacific Cigarette company to accelerate.

The Management trainee job has enabled me to work across a range of key business areas in placements that foster the skills vital to developing as a leader and crucially being entrusted with freedom to put them in practise.

What could be better than learning directly from industrial experts. I’ve had a breathe of opportunity, real experience and it’s all folded up in a great collaborative culture.


18 Aug 2017

People of Pacific: Tendesi Stella Makunike:

Born into a family of entrepreneurs, Tendesi Stella Makunike completed her degree in Psychology at the University of Zimbabwe in 2000.

From that degree, she developed an interest in industrial psychology and the impact of people on organizational performance. Her track-record is one of ambition and results, qualities that have allowed her to transcend any gender-based expectations of women at the top-level of the corporate world.

Shortly after university, she worked at CAPS Holdings in the Human Resources Department, where she first came to appreciate the importance of performance management and leadership in the work arena. From there, she proceeded to Tube and Pipe Industries where she started out as the Human Resources and Training Officer, she was promoted to Human Resources Manager, and finally as the Head of the Business Unit.

It was there that her passion for talent development and leadership was fully realized, she operated as one of very few women leaders of an industrial company in the midst of the post-2009 economic challenges.

In 2013, she joined Savanna Tobacco (Now Pacific Cigarette Company) as head of HR. She played a critical role in the transformation of the Company to a global company with operations in Southern Africa and the Caribbean.

She continues to drive the HR function further to achieve the Company’s vision to be the second largest cigarette company in Africa by 2020.
Today, she is now the Global Chief Human Resources Officer responsible for global HR operations. As a business leader, she contributes to the overall strategic and business decisions taken by the Company.

She is also an International Advisory Board Member for University of Stellenbosch Business School – Executive Development, the Chairperson of the Employers Association in the Cigarette & Tobacco Manufacturing Sector in Zimbabwe and a Graduate Employment Committee member for University of Zimbabwe.

Stella is the proud mother of two girls, and has learnt to balance her professional and family roles. She believes strongly in:

1. Vision
The will to envisage a clear future state, and the specific steps through which that vision will be attained.

2. Empowerment
The art of helping individuals realize their best selves through giving them guidance, responsibility and accountability.

3. Leadership
The ability to inspire a team through personal example, setting clear goals and expectations, and the ability to identify and nurture other people’s potential.

Stella firmly believes that these pillars are as fundamental in the work environment as they are at the personal level. With a clear and positive vision, any individual can empower themselves, actualize themselves and become leaders.

Thereafter, their primary responsibility is to develop other leaders. These are the guiding principles that Stella observes at work and in all areas of her life.

06 Jul 2012

PeopleOfPacific Introduction

At Pacific Cigarette Company, we believe that each of our employees plays a vital role in our success. Their collective experiences, ideas and hard work is what shapes our organizational culture and drives the growth of our company. We are a global company with operations in Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa and Jamaica.


Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to attract some of the most talented professionals in our industry. Be it from the production floor right up to the top. Everyone who works here bring with them a sense of purpose. After all we are more than just a Tobacco company. Our employees are actively engaged in other activities such as graduate mentorship, fitness clubs among other out of work activities. #PeopleOfPacific takes a look at the great people who make up our company. We will take a closer look at them. Who they are, what motivates them as well as how they feel about working for world class company. Our people are our most valuable asset – they are skilled problem solvers that believe challenges can be opportunities and challenges solved have far reaching impacts.


In a 2-month series, follow us on both our blog and LinkedIn profile to get picture of our people – their backgrounds, roles, contributions and passions.