Adam Molai

Adam Molai

Adam personifies the new breed of African entrepreneur, challenging established international players across all industries, while driving a new socio-economic agenda for Zimbabwe and the continent.

Adam served his articles with Ernst and Young in Zimbabwe, before proceeding to the University of Buckingham in the UK where he graduated with a business degree. He then went to Lakehead University in Canada, where he obtained a first-class degree in Commerce.

Upon returning to Zimbabwe, Adam ventured into the retail and petroleum sectors, before turning his attention to the tobacco sector. Noting the lack of significant indigenous players in the tobacco value-chain, he was instrumental in the establishment of the tobacco contract-growing scheme that enabled over 75 000 small-scale farmers to enter Zimbabwe’s lucrative tobacco sector. In 2002, he started Pacific Cigarette company, which has grown over the past years to become one of only two significant African-owned cigarette manufacturers in the world. Savanna Tobacco now has a considerable share of the Zimbabwean market and a growing presence in regional markets.


Adam’s entrepreneurial ventures incorporate tobacco, retail, farming, transport and logistics, petroleum/lubricants, property development, and mining and commodities. He sits on various boards, including the National Indigenisation and Empowerment Board, which is responsible for the formulation and implementation of Zimbabwe’s empowerment policies.