PeopleOfPacific Introduction

At Pacific Cigarette Company, we believe that each of our employees plays a vital role in our success. Their collective experiences, ideas and hard work is what shapes our organizational culture and drives the growth of our company. We are a global company with operations in Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa and Jamaica.


Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to attract some of the most talented professionals in our industry. Be it from the production floor right up to the top. Everyone who works here bring with them a sense of purpose. After all we are more than just a Tobacco company. Our employees are actively engaged in other activities such as graduate mentorship, fitness clubs among other out of work activities. #PeopleOfPacific takes a look at the great people who make up our company. We will take a closer look at them. Who they are, what motivates them as well as how they feel about working for world class company. Our people are our most valuable asset – they are skilled problem solvers that believe challenges can be opportunities and challenges solved have far reaching impacts.


In a 2-month series, follow us on both our blog and LinkedIn profile to get picture of our people – their backgrounds, roles, contributions and passions.

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